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Are You Still Bitter?

Okay so you and your significant other have broken up. Have you moved on, or are you still harping over him/her? Are you nursing a small grudge towards him/her or has it grown into a full-scale vendetta? Take this quick quiz to find out.

1) Whenever I think of my ex, I get

a) no reaction whatsoever
b) slightly upset
c) very upset
d) high blood pressure

2) When I see my ex, the first song that comes to mind is

a) Don't Look Back in Anger
b) Why Can't We Be Friends?
c) Under Pressure
d) The Theme from Psycho

3) Our favourite restaurant

a) is just another place for me to dine at now
b) still reminds me of my ex now and again
c) is still being boycotted
d) has been burnt to the ground

4) My ex's phone number

a) is still saved in my phonebook
b) was deleted at one point but was later re-entered
c) is deleted permanently so long as I shall live
d) is scrawled on a toilet wall under the words "For gay sex, call:"

5) For his/her last birthday, I gave my ex

a) an item that I know he/she will like
b) an item that I know he/she will not like
c) nothing. He/she doesn't deserve it.
d) Anthrax

6) Would you like to feel his/her arms wrapped around you again?

a) I don't mind
b) That's no longer possible emotionally
c) That's no longer possible physically
d) That's no longer possible anatomically

7) My only regret from that relationship was

a) I didn't give ourselves a chance to love each other
b) I didn't get laid often enough
c) I didn't get to leech off his/her wealth
d) I didn't slip arsenic into his/her drink when I had the chance

8) Do you miss your ex?

a) No, I've learnt to move on.
b) Yes, he/she is not easy to forget.
c) No, I don't miss pond scum.
d) Yes, my aiming is not good enough

9) A common friend tells you that your ex was involved in a car accident. Upon reaching the hospital, you

a) quickly head to find him/her, but only out of concern
b) quickly head to his/her ward, and then leave an anonymous bouquet of flowers
c) quickly head to pharmacy; you might need a sedative to prevent you from sniggering too much
d) quickly head to the morgue

10) Forgiveness is

a) the key to living a happy life
b) only useful when applied in context
c) overrated
d) just another F-word

Now tally your score.

For each question that you answered a), give yourself 1 point.
For each question that you answered b), give yourself 2 points.
For each question that you answered c), give yourself 3 points.
For each question that you answered d), give yourself 4 points.

10 points You are a person who can let go really easily, or perhaps simply unfazed at whatever the world throws at you.
11 - 20 points You are a person who can let go relatively easy, but not before a generous dose of heartbreak and moping. This of course is natural, and if anything, it makes you more human.
21 - 30 points It's quite obvious that you're still harbouring ill-feelings towards your ex. And while it is possible to eventually let go, it's gonna take awhile, and perhaps a lot of kicking and screaming.
31 - 39 points You are harbouring a lot of anger and bitterness. Best that you let some of it out, even if it means on the people around you. It's better than blowing up at an untimely moment, that is, if it already hasn't happened.
40 points It really is a wonder how you are allowed to be roaming the streets! You have a natural talent for bottling up emotions, and seem to have no qualms about letting the people who have hurt you know about it. Norman Bates would have killed to be just like you. Oh wait, he already has...

Ye who seek for audience, let ye speak now!

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