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Monash Film Festival

This is a public service announcement:

Come next Monday (10th October 2005), the Communication Students will be hosting its first ever Monash Film Festival. Featured will be 4 films (and perhaps more) done by our very own Monash Commies, two of which have been submitted as entries for the Astro Chinese Short Film Competition.

The short films that will be screened are as follows:

(approx. 15 minutes; Mandarin with English Subtitles)
by Fikri Jermadi, Wilson Lee and Phoon Chi Ho
starring Max Tan, Eddie G., Mindy Wong and Ting Jer Huan

When a young man finds it hard to let go of the one he truly loves, his unbridled anguish is kept in check by the appearance of a mysterious stranger. Pain lets us know that we're still alive. But an unexpected twist in the plot may very well just throw that train of thought right out of the window.

(approx. 9 minutes; Mandarin with English Subtitles)
by Tan Meng Yoe
starring Yong Sze Mun, M. Yasir

A young girl finds herself helplessly smitten by the charms of a boy on her first day at college. Though having only seen his face once, she cannot seem to shake him from her mind. Will she end up with him? Only time will tell.

Police Story, Man
(approx 20 minutes; Broken Cantonese with English Subtitles)
by Eddie G.
starring Eddie G., Max Tan, Wilson Lee, Aaron Lee and Trudy Au

A young police cadet finds himself under the wing of a violent, foul-mouthed Officer. Join the adventures of this ill-conceived partnership in their quest to vanquish the insidious Chee Cheong Fun in this hilarious parody of Hong Kong's Police films.

In Search of Bangkok
(duration TBA; English, Thai with English subtitles)
by Sharifah Shazana and Sarah Jane Cheong

Join 17 students, their lecturer and then some on their study trip to Bangkok during the June vacation break. Get an insight on how life is in Bangkok, as well as how the aforementioned bodies negotiate their newly subjected space in this enjoyable yet educative documentary.

So make a date with the Monash Commies next Monday and be prepared for an entertaining afternoon. Here's what you need to know

Date: Monday, 10th October 2005
Time: 1400h - 1530h
Venue: Journalism Lab (1st Floor)

Tell your friends! See you there!

Ye who seek for audience, let ye speak now!

And so it came to past that at 07 ottobre, 2005 10:58, in the presence of The Eddie G., Blogger imprisoned_soul had spoken the following...

lol i actualli love running....... just havent answered my own question yet...... anihows.... is there gonna be a golden globe for the best title?

And so it came to past that at 09 ottobre, 2005 09:47, in the presence of The Eddie G., Blogger Chang Hao had spoken the following...


Great blog you have! Laughed my arse off at some articles, especially the merdeka one!

Keep it going and keep it real, dude!

And so it came to past that at 09 ottobre, 2005 20:22, in the presence of The Eddie G., Blogger Eddie G. had spoken the following...

thanks dude. I'll be visiting your blog soon. Soon as I get assignments outta the way.

And so it came to past that at 10 ottobre, 2005 12:36, in the presence of The Eddie G., Blogger efferstine had spoken the following...

Just when I'm in the spam-a-blog mode, your chatterbox decides to go bonkers.

Spam, nonetheless. *grin*

And so it came to past that at 11 ottobre, 2005 09:13, in the presence of The Eddie G., Blogger leanne had spoken the following...

hayy! the first ever film fest oooh!! heh now why wasnt this created last year?!! wish i were back there to see your films.. all the best, enjoy the ride :)


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