lunedì, ottobre 26, 2009

A Renewal of Vows

Goodness me! It's been forever and a day since I last blogged. It seems have been neglecting it. I remember when blogging was a new phenomenon, the countless hours spent in the computer lab churning out post after post, obviously all in a bid to avoid doing my assignments.

So much has happened since then, hasn't it?

I never intended my blog to be a diary of sorts per se - I could never keep diaries for the life of me - but rather as a place where I can publish my works of creative writing online for the world to enjoy. As it well may be seem, I certainly must have allowed myself to get so caught up that I've even stopped writing entirely.

I do hope to gain back momentum again. I remember how content would just flow through my fingers when the blog first started. It seems now as if someone deliberately turned off the tap.

I want it back on, and badly. If I'm ever going to be the novelist I want to become, I must write. For that is what writers do.

For better or worse.

Ye who seek for audience, let ye speak now!

And so it came to past that at 17 dicembre, 2009 20:42, in the presence of The Eddie G., Blogger mei yii had spoken the following...


I dropped by. :P and, HI. Don't let your blog die. Hehe (just letting you know someone still visits now and then).

God bless.

And so it came to past that at 11 aprile, 2011 21:17, in the presence of The Eddie G., Blogger hisao had spoken the following...

Let's write!!

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