sabato, novembre 24, 2007

The Diaries of Sir Robert the Violent of Staffordshire

For those of you who remember, I made one post with the same title. Now, it's expanded! Mei Yii and I have decided to collaborate and co-write the story together. Since this "story" goes back to the days when we played Maple. (It was a low point in my life, okay?!? Stop goggling at me like that!)

So anyway, without further ado, Tee and Gee proudly presents

The Diaries of Sir Robert the Violent of Staffordshire

So drop by and give your support.

Especially for Mei Yii cos she needs it more than I do.

Wahahaaaa kidding!

martedì, novembre 06, 2007

Good morning, class!

That's right. It's official. I'm gonna be teacher! Can't wait to start training :)

Those who know my situation would surely know that the odds were pretty much stacked against me when I applied for the job. But there really is no limit to God's neverending grace, is there?

Shoutout time!!!

First and foremost, to the Lord Jesus Christ, without Whom none of all this would be even remotely possible.

Next to my family in Singapore and to my aunt's family in KL for the support they've given all through these years.

To the Orange Club! My group of close and dear personal friends: Jit, Steve, Jarrod and Josh (I'm doing in order of age, Josh, so don't complain that I put you last wahaha). Thanks for being there.

To my beloved Care Group in RLC, which I will surely miss to bits >< God bless you all for your prayers.

To my close, personal friends in the Monash Christian Fellowship: TMY, Joanna, Shu-shu, Lynette and Chien Aun (apologies if I left anyone out, I just can't remember all of you)

And to all those who were rooting for me (some possibly because they can't wait to see my ass outta KL hahaha)

And to you, dear reader! Just because.

So buzz me whenever you're in Singapore, and we'll go paint the town red! Metaphorically speaking of course; the penalties of vandalism can be pretty painful. Ask Michael Fay.