lunedì, ottobre 26, 2009

A Renewal of Vows

Goodness me! It's been forever and a day since I last blogged. It seems have been neglecting it. I remember when blogging was a new phenomenon, the countless hours spent in the computer lab churning out post after post, obviously all in a bid to avoid doing my assignments.

So much has happened since then, hasn't it?

I never intended my blog to be a diary of sorts per se - I could never keep diaries for the life of me - but rather as a place where I can publish my works of creative writing online for the world to enjoy. As it well may be seem, I certainly must have allowed myself to get so caught up that I've even stopped writing entirely.

I do hope to gain back momentum again. I remember how content would just flow through my fingers when the blog first started. It seems now as if someone deliberately turned off the tap.

I want it back on, and badly. If I'm ever going to be the novelist I want to become, I must write. For that is what writers do.

For better or worse.