martedì, luglio 25, 2006

Favourites: An Omnibus

So far, I've not been getting much inspiration to write any new posts. What I have done though, was to scour all my previous posts that I've particularly enjoyed over the past few years of owning this blog. Yes, it's been that long already. To all of you, thanks for your endless support, and thank you for keep coming back. It means a lot :)

And now, without further ado, allow me to present to you a compilations of the pieces of writing that are closest to my heart. Hopefully, you will enjoy them as much as I did.

Written on March 10, 2006

This probably ranks at the top of my favourite posts. The idea for this story was conceived when Leanne requested that I write a story on Chloe, her alter-ego. I did, and here it now stands. It also took me till now to realize that this post was actually written on my birthday, which goes to show how preoccupied with writing it that I didn't even notice.


The Curse of Being Eddie G. II
Written on June 10, 2005

This story is the first time when the fabled Cathedral of Shattered Emotions was first mentioned in my writing (those who were in my writing class will understand). Of course, a first mention always bears some significance. I wouldn't go to great lengths to expound on what my inspiration was, but for those who have been around me long enough, you should have a vague idea ^_~


The Difference Between Malaysians and Singaporeans
Written on April 18, 2005

I remember this post to be one of the most frequently visited one. I had recently installed my counter then, and shortly after this post, the hits just started pouring in to a point that I thought that there was a bug. In about 12 hours, I garnered about 800+ hits. In addition, this post has been quoted a few times by other people whom even I did not know. That really speaks for something.


Written on December 10, 2004

It was a song I wrote, just for the fun of it. The lyrics pretty much sum up my writing style - nonsensical, but with a method to the madness.


A Really Lame Short Story
Written on July 28, 2004

This story is probably the starting point at which I began to notice my flair and interest in creative writing. Of course, I've had spells of inspiration prior to this, but this short story (about 3000 words worth) is arguably the catalyst that started it all going.


Written on September 1, 2005

During Malaysia's National Day in 2005, I sat down and began to reflect on what I was proud most of being a Malaysian. Of course, there wasn't much to choose from. So it took awhile before I decided to add a sardonic twist in my "favourite" characteristic of each and every Malaysian.


Sawto Voase
Written on February 14, 2005

When it was still functional, Anna's blog was "organizing" an invitational for writers across the blogsphere to contribute their most creative descriptions of a room. Naturally, being me, I decided to view the room from a whole different perspective. I went off tangent (big surprise!) but I'm still proud of this work no less.


The Dream
Written on April 30, 2005

As the name suggests, the story was based on a dream that I had. It was a dream that was beautiful yet disturbing. Today as I look back, this post reminds me of the struggles that I encountered last year. Heartbreak isn't something that goes away in a day... or night, for that matter.


The Dream II
Written on August 24, 2005

Pretty much the same as The Dream, only much more beautiful... and disturbing.