martedì, ottobre 18, 2005

General Consensus

Ok guys. I really need your opinions. If you're reading this, I'd appreciate it if you could leave your comments behind, no matter who you are.

Question 1: (for everybody)

Do you think I should continue having a friendship with someone who doesn't appreciate me? Okay that may be a bit too harsh. Let me rephrase it. Should I continue having a friendship with someone who claims that I'm her best friend, admits that she's not been showing her appreciation for me, promises to make things up, but ultimately doesn't lift a goddamn finger to do shit? The thing is, I really want to. But deep down inside, I feel bad if I were to do so. What do you guys think?

Question 2: (for those who know me and know my predicament)
This question is for only those who know what's going on. If you have no idea whatsoever, please don't bother asking. I won't tell you anyway.

Do you think I'm being to selfish here? Have I treated her in such a way that I truly deserve the way she's treating me now? Is it being hypocritical of me when I say that she should appreciate me more? Is it ever possible to be a friend of anyone without expecting anything in return?

Take the floor, people!

venerdì, ottobre 14, 2005

The Eddie G. Timeline

I found this from TMY's blog as I was scouring it to kill time before I start on my assignments proper. Found it quite a nice way to get the creative juices flowing. So there.

1984: 21 years ago.

10th March is a much celebrated holiday around where I grew up. I figure there's no need in explaining why?

1986: 19 years ago.

My ever memory was when I was around the age of 2. If memory serves, I was being fed. Explains a lot, doesn't it? Also, I remembered snippets of my life where my mother would carry me in her arms while she went out for a walk around the neighbourhood every evening. These were my pre-Singapore days.

1995: 10 years ago.

I was in Primary 5, Rosyth School. It was apparently a prestigious school, one of the best in Singapore. Established the reputation for being the laziest and most apathetic bastard-prankster in school. Yes. I started early. Bonus points for holding such a title in a prestigious school.

2000: 5 years ago.

I was in Secondary Four, doing my "O" Levels in Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) - another prestigious school. Had a girlfriend, but broke up because she was stupid. Became damn lan-ci-lan-yong (stuck-up). Began to think that the World owed me a living and that my Literature teachers shouldn't be offended by the use of the word "fuck" in class because they were supposed to be more liberal. Ho-hum. Began having the misconception that my Chinese teacher also shouldn't be offended by the use of the words "fuck", "bollocks" and "genitalia" simply because she probably didn't understand any goddamn English. "Big mistake!" my Discipline Master later told me.

2002: 3 years ago

I was in my second and final year of Junior College, preparing for my "A" Levels. I didn't have a girlfriend, although I was in love with a girl from choir (cliche huh?). Obviously, she didn't give two fucks about me. Ho-hum. Still bore the notion that my Literature teachers would appreciate a little profanity in my essays because their meaningless lives must probably have bored the bejeebers out of them. Tried that in my Macro-Economics essay too. The look on my tutor's face after that was priceless!

2005: This year

Currently doing second year in Monash University. I won't say which Campus, though. I still don't have a girlfriend, although I'm in love with a girl from my course. Obviously, she too, doesn't give two fucks about me either. Ho-hum. Decided to drop the notion of using profanities in my written work, mostly because I'd rather lose marks in more meaningful ways (i.e. handing them up late). The July Semester must have probably been the most meaningful to me by far, minus the emotional roller-coaster ride, of course.

2006: Next year

I would be doing my third and final year in Monash University. With any luck, I might have a girlfriend. But you'll never know, eh? It's hard to predict the future, but I hope to get the Camel's second album fully recorded by the end of next year. Now that I've more or less grasped the key concepts of filmmaking from Fikri, Meng Yoe and Wilson, I'd dare say that the sky indeed is my limit.

2015: 10 years from now

Holy shit! I'll be 31 then! If my plan works out, I'll probably have attained my Ph.D. in English from University of Cambridge, and lecturing in NUS or perhaps even... wait for it... Monash University (I still won't say which campus). Hopefully I'll be married with children. That would be nice, wouldn't it? Or maybe I'll be a rockstar. Either suits me.

giovedì, ottobre 13, 2005

The Curse of Being Eddie G. III

Guys, you know what. You're right. I have been doing something stupid all this while in College.

But guess what, I'm still going to continue doing that something stupid. Perhaps she may be taking me for granted; but you know what, I want to continue to believe the best in her, even if I should do so at the expense of my sanity.

I have been soft to her, but that doesn't mean I'm weak. On the contrary, I'd say it takes massive fortitude (with a touch of stupidity perhaps) to carry on with something many others would have long given up on.

Perhaps I'll see the consequences of my folly one day. Perhaps I'll learn my lesson one day.

But it won't happen today.

I still love her.

mercoledì, ottobre 05, 2005

Monash Film Festival

This is a public service announcement:

Come next Monday (10th October 2005), the Communication Students will be hosting its first ever Monash Film Festival. Featured will be 4 films (and perhaps more) done by our very own Monash Commies, two of which have been submitted as entries for the Astro Chinese Short Film Competition.

The short films that will be screened are as follows:

(approx. 15 minutes; Mandarin with English Subtitles)
by Fikri Jermadi, Wilson Lee and Phoon Chi Ho
starring Max Tan, Eddie G., Mindy Wong and Ting Jer Huan

When a young man finds it hard to let go of the one he truly loves, his unbridled anguish is kept in check by the appearance of a mysterious stranger. Pain lets us know that we're still alive. But an unexpected twist in the plot may very well just throw that train of thought right out of the window.

(approx. 9 minutes; Mandarin with English Subtitles)
by Tan Meng Yoe
starring Yong Sze Mun, M. Yasir

A young girl finds herself helplessly smitten by the charms of a boy on her first day at college. Though having only seen his face once, she cannot seem to shake him from her mind. Will she end up with him? Only time will tell.

Police Story, Man
(approx 20 minutes; Broken Cantonese with English Subtitles)
by Eddie G.
starring Eddie G., Max Tan, Wilson Lee, Aaron Lee and Trudy Au

A young police cadet finds himself under the wing of a violent, foul-mouthed Officer. Join the adventures of this ill-conceived partnership in their quest to vanquish the insidious Chee Cheong Fun in this hilarious parody of Hong Kong's Police films.

In Search of Bangkok
(duration TBA; English, Thai with English subtitles)
by Sharifah Shazana and Sarah Jane Cheong

Join 17 students, their lecturer and then some on their study trip to Bangkok during the June vacation break. Get an insight on how life is in Bangkok, as well as how the aforementioned bodies negotiate their newly subjected space in this enjoyable yet educative documentary.

So make a date with the Monash Commies next Monday and be prepared for an entertaining afternoon. Here's what you need to know

Date: Monday, 10th October 2005
Time: 1400h - 1530h
Venue: Journalism Lab (1st Floor)

Tell your friends! See you there!